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A Communion of Light and Sound




In the stillness of our "Holy breath of Light", All is remembered.  All find communion in the heartbeat of infinity, flowing gently with our most blessed symphony of life.  May this illuminating and brilliant orchestra of our inner heart, guide us along the rhythmic sound current  -opening our inner ears to Soul.

Birthed from the heart of Oneness, the Holy Breath comes forth as the eternal   Aum,  the silent Song of creation.  With the ears of Soul, one can hear the sacred sound current. With our inner ears, one can feel the divine presence subtly vibrating throughout the created Universe.  The ancient peoples of the earth and stars harmonized with the Universal Song.  For eons, they recognized that

 Sound is the breath of all creation.  

May we begin to listen and to hear the deep call of longing to SING OUT from the depth of our essence.  We are the sacred note of all creation.  We are the first breath of all time.  

It is our divine call to remember 

the truth of who we are.




Heart Sounds is a Ministry of Love and Light        
        through Sound

birthed from a vision of tending the sacred gardens
        of our heart  

and Soul. 

May the vibration of sound,         brought forth in the Divine breath of Oneness, activate and nourish the         seeds of peace,  awakening, hope, healing and transformation that await our discovery.   May we come to a place of  knowing         together as a planet, that we are the vehicles of a most  "Holy Sound" that artfully         flows through the dimensions of all that is. 

Eloiwa  is an Intuitive Channel and Sound Healer, available for individual or group/community sessions to bring forth a communion of vibration that will assist in healing, awakening and opening our hearts to Divine Grace.

          Sound Intuitive, Healing Facilitator,  Spiritual Counselor, Transformational Healing Journey's,Workshops & Retreats,Author of Healing & Inspirational Cd's, Unique & Personalized Soul Songs:
     "Whispers of the Soul"

I recommend drinking freshly squeezed juice in the morning while listening to these songs to start your day right, feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.                                        

Eloiwa offers regular Sound meditation circles, called: A Gathering of Light & Celebrating the Sacred Sounds Within:  emanations of Light through the voices to the ancient Peruvian Whistling Vessels, the gentle waves of Celtic harp, Crystal bowls and the Native American flute.

An Invitation of Discovery, Shared Being, Journey of Heart & Soul
While weaving a journey of intuitive sound and sacred tones, Eloiwa holds a 'sacred space' for individuals to utilize the power of the Labyrinth, to step inside a pilgrimage of inner discovery, reflection and conscious presence.
"The Labyrinth is a spiritual tool meant to awaken us to the deep rhythm that unites us to ourselves and to the Light that calls from within.  In surrendering to the winding path, the Soul finds healing and wholeness".
Dr. Lauren Artress, "Walking a Sacred Path"

The Labyrinth is a Master Blueprint for transformation, activation & awakening. This ancient archetype is a gift of quieting the mind, activating the song of our Soul, creating inner peace, awakening the intuitive and traversing our inner landscape.

Each step, an imprint of Heaven's breath at the center of our Being.


Join Eloiwa for a full day experiential or a three-day transformational intensive, where we create the opportunity to explore our own inner landscape: Mind, Body and Soul.

Eloiwa will custom-design a Labyrinth Journey to complement your personal and community vision and needs. The Labyrinth is an archetype of the beauty of the 'circle', where within, we recognize the unified field of love, the unity of all hearts and the stillness of our Soul.  The Labyrinth can be utilized as a tool for community-building, honoring sacred ritual, activating our quest for deepening our spirit, opening our hearts, activating the Song of our Soul, creating inner peace and awakening the intuitive within us.




Eloiwa's vision is to bring forth a new song of remembrance and         restoration, offering an 'anointing of light and sound' to facilitate         the homecoming of inner peace.  Her ministry is one of Peace-making, where she journeys with circles across the world to invoke together, the remembrance of our innate healing gifts and our power to co-create a consciousness of Heaven  -within our hearts.

Music and Sound is a language that moves beyond words and touches deep within the crevices of our cellular and energy blueprint.  With sound, we are often carried to a place that transcends the ordinary  - allowing us to experience an inner communion of Oneness: a place we know we are infinitely a part of All and Everything.

The Uni-Verse (the One song) is within .  We are the Music of the spheres, vibrating with the frequency of love and perfection. We are the most divine spark of the Divine, dancing our song of harmony and grace.



 "  Healing is the sacred journey of Returning

to the place of deep remembrance.

May we embody the Vibration of pure perfection, wholeness,  

harmony and grace with every breath of Light.

We are the Divine hands of God, the luminous stream  

of Universal Consciousness
Pouring forth the rivers of Infinite Love.
In this place of "homecoming", we are ONE.

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