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Ancient Peruvian Whistling
Vessel Ceremony 

         An Activation of Heart Expansion and Connection    

 Connect with the ancient voices of the Peruvian Whistling Vessels in a ceremonial sound activation.  These ancient voices date back to Circa 1000 A.D. and resound a deepened mystery of Earth and Sky.  Andean creation legend shares that "clay and breath were the primordial elements of mans creation" .  According to the people that inhabited Peru, human beings were comprised of earth that had been animated by the breath of the Creator.  Alpacamasca, the Inca word for a person's body means "animated earth".        

 We come together in circle to remember that we are the sacred embodiment of the Divine. The frequencies of these ancient vessels, assists in opening our heart center, inviting the gift of profound stirring, healing and manifestation. Our ‘Sacred Breath’ invokes the power of co-creation, enabling us to focus this frequency in bringing our dreams and hearts desires into manifest form.

These vessels assist to awaken every cell of our Being to the vibration of Infinite Love and Remembrance . Within every sacred cell of our Being, we hold the blueprint of the Union of Heaven and Earth. Within us, lies the seeds of the deepest grace and the tones of Oneness.

(Excerpts in the paragraph from "Animated Earth: A story of Peruvian Whistles and Transformation", Daniel K. Statnekov, North Atlantic Books)




A Gathering of Light and Sound

       a Sounding of Crystal Bowls, Intuitive Harp, Native American Flute

       and the Language of Light


A gathering and weaving of hearts, vision and manifestation.  Allow the waves of vibration to carry you back to a place of Harmony within every cell of your Being.  The powerful voice of the crystal bowls will assist in bringing us to center and balance, where we meet with the Divine flowing current of Grace and Unity.  Together, we will sing from our heart and soul as we experiment with 'Sacred tones'. Inspirational. Reflective. Stirring and peaceful.




Celebrating the Sacred Sounds Within

Emanations of Light through the Voices of Ancient Peruvian Whistling

Vessels, the gentle waves of Celtic harp, Crystal bowls and the

Native American Flute


Step into a shared circle of stillness, where the activation of pure tones of the Crystal bowls, the gentle vibration of the Celtic harp and the soft lullaby of the Native American flute carry us to a place of inner discovery.

Eloiwa will offers a journey of intuitive music & tones to guide us in a Sound Meditation, allowing the vibrations to carry us to our heart center and anchor the "breath of light" within our physical being.  Together, we will enter into a ceremony with the Peruvian Whistles  -where we will allow our breath to stir the remembrance of love, unity & connection of all of life.




"Pythagoras and Plato taught that the nature

of the Soul is music.

Upon its wings  -we travel on our

 return path Home"

-Deborah Van Dyke



Eloiwa offers a ministry of Ceremonial Sound offerings to vast communities, spiritual circles, gatherings and retreats.

Eloiwa will co-create with you, a personalized Community gathering that weaves the voice of pure tones and intuitive music with an inspirational Labyrinth Journey.

For additional information about Hosting a 'Community Circle' in your area, contact:


Mobile: 509.951.2310


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