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Eloiwa's Private Sessions



Awakening Vibration

   For Healing, Discovery & Peace


Private Sessions incorporate a blending of healing modalities, each session intuitively brought forth for each unique soul journey and path of enlightenment. Each session begins with a comprehensive assessment and exploration of your personal/spiritual issues. We will embark together on a journey of discovery, as Eloiwa offers her gifts of intuitive presence, to guide you toward your own 'inner healer'. Together, we will become like 'deep divers', rooting out genetic and cellular imprints that anchor energetic patterns of limitation consciousness, past brokenness, imbalance, disharmony or dis -ease.  Each energetic release is followed with an imprinting of EMPOWERMENT energy and consciousness.

Within the cellular matrix of every being, lies the core seeds of divine intelligence.  We hold within us, the keys to our innate wisdom and divine blueprint for harmony and wholeness.

 Healing is a sacred journey of returning to our most perfected state of Being.

In partnership with Creator (Universal Consciousness), we will surrender to the divine current of the breath of Love, allowing for the miracles of restoration, renewal and grace to be activated.

During Private Sessions, you will experience a hands-on healing technique that will release cellular imprints of repressed emotions from the energy field. Eloiwa will be intuitively guided to support your healing intention with the offering of channeled harp, crystal bowls, toning and the whispers of the Language of Light.

Through the weaving of vibrational tools, a shift of frequencies will support the return of balance, harmony and the expansion of heart and soul.

Sessions Offered Remotely 

 -are uniquely designed and will incorporate many of these vibrational tools of clearing, releasing and rescripting techniques.

1 Half Hour Free Consultation

Order 1 Hour Session ($125.00)

Order 1-1/2 Hour Session ($150.00)


Personalized Sound Sessions

Working in partnership with Creator and your higher self, we will call upon healing vibrations that bring comfort, renewal, harmony and healing for the heart and soul. During a personalized session, we will explore the activation of your unique ‘Soul Note Signature’. The waves of vibration will assist in restoring peace and wholeness while activating and awakening your highest potential.

Through the vibration of Infinite Love, a personalized sound session with Eloiwa will assist in opening pathways of light expansion, activate ‘key codes’ and release ancient cellular memory, imprints and core beliefs that are blocking you from fully embracing -inner peace, freedom and wholeness.

Eloiwa’s vision is to bring forth a new song of remembrance and restoration, offering an ‘anointing of light and sound’ to facilitate the homecoming of love within your heart.


Individualized Channeled Soul Songs,

 "Whispers of the Soul",

are offered by Eloiwa

as sacred gifts for your path of spiritual evolution. In these meditative sessions, Eloiwa listens for your 'root tone' and begins to weave a sacred dance of sound, light and pure presence. The 'Soul Dance' activates many distinct Movements, offering a journey of healing, discovery & activation.

You will receive a 22 minute personalized CD of your 'Soul Song', along with " Soul Whispers" that are evoked and inspired during our sacred journey together. These 'whispers' are intuitive impressions, symbols and inner-visions that come through in a day-long session.

A kin to the sacred journey of the Labyrinth, these frequencies help to bring forth a place of 'inner stillness', guiding you toward the song of your Soul.

Similar to the circuitous path of the Labyrinth, the road leads always to the Center. Through the wings of sound, may the gift of your song carry you to a place of pure Remembrance.

 The circle of the Labyrinth activates our remembrance that we are connected to All & Everything. The Universe itself holds the ancient blueprint of our perfection and harmony. The Uni-verse (The One Song) inspires us to discover our inner song of Oneness that resonates with the radiant heartbeat of infinite Love .

Cost: $250

Contact: Eloiwa




Heart Sounds

Therapeutic Music for the Journey of the Heart

 Is a ministry of gentle offerings of therapeutic Music and Sound
that nurture and activate an environment of peace, relaxation and peace. The voice of the harp can soothe,
comfort, renew, uplift and inspire. The gentle vibrations reach into the heart and soul, awakening hope, healing
and transformation. Eloiwa provides a supportive and compassionate presence for individuals, groups and
families in one-on-one and group sessions, while bringing forth the loving voice of the Celtic harp in diverse
settings and environments. Eloiwa specializes in outreach to the elderly, and at bedside for the ill and dying.

Providing One-on-One therapeutic music at bedside for the ill or dying in:

  • Nursing Homes

  • Assisted Living Centers

  • Hospice

  • Specialized groups in medical settings

  • Birthing Rooms

Eloiwa provides one-on-one intuitive 'sound anointing' in birthing rooms -to welcome & celebrate the beauty and gift of New Life.

Music and sound is a Universal language that moves beyond words. It is an expression that involves our whole, unique Being. With sound, we are often carried to a place beyond our pain, fear, discomfort or illness. In this place, as some have so eloquently described, "through music we realize that there is only One harmony, and it is the essence of who we are".



Click Here for Personal Stories about the healing gift of music


The Path of the Soul

As a Facilitator of Practical Mastery, Eloiwa offers powerful Crystalline Light Body and Enlightenment Activation’s that assist in activating your spiritual DNA and align you more fully to embrace your sacred path with Creator. We are vibrating, radiant beings of pure potentiality, embodying the tones of Infinite love, grace and JOY within every cell.

May we step into the blessed divine current of grace, fully free, consciously new, allowing ourselves to be deciders and co-creators, igniting the sacred flames of Heaven within our heart.

Eloiwa DeFreitas

Practical Mastery Practitioner, Level 2 Practitioner/Teacher, Serenity Vibration Healing™,Integrated Energy Therapy ® Healing Facilitator, Quantum Level DNA Re-Patterning, Multi-dimensional Vibrational Healing Practitioner, Intuitive Sound Healing, Spiritual Counselor, Therapeutic Music Intuitive, Founder of Heart Sounds: A Ministry of Love & Light through Sound

Weaving a channel of the sacred Language of Light, Intuitive harp, crystal bowls, tuning forks, Native American Flute and keyboard. Eloiwa offers a personalized "soul song’ session to activate and awaken your path of healing, empowerment and heart expansion.


Offering private sessions (live and remote), Healing retreat Facilitator, Ceremonial Sound Circles, Community Healing Circles


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