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Inspirations to Nourish
the Soul

by Eloiwa



On Surrender

I am a grain of sand nestled in the supportive embrace of infinite particles

Of rock and sea   - brought together into delicate form.  

I am a grain of sand, swept into unity of baking earth and desert winds.

The wind carries me without course or destination.  The sea empties me back and forth; back and forth  -flowing with great

power as her waves move in rhythmic design.  

The sea bends with the force of the Moon and lays still at times in gentle pools.

I AM a brilliant ray of Heavenly Light, each particle brought together in perfect unity with the Source of All Creation.

My limitless Light bends with the flow of many journeys.  I AM a breath of the One Breath.

I Am a song of infinite union as the Great Symphony opens like a new dawn to welcome my pure tone of divine perfection.

I Am the song of the morning doves.  I Am the voice of many elders.       I Am the heart of the One Heart.

Where the river joins to the sea, I Am there; swept into the precious and divine current. 

I Am Boundless.      I Am Free.

My river flows powerfully over the rock beds below; then gently meandering through quiet pools.

As I flow with the sacred current, I Am held.  I am safely guided back toward the sea of the One Heart.

I Am the sea.   I Am the molecules of light that sing itself into endless form.

My song carries me toward the Sea.

My sweet surrender becomes the wings of my Soul.  

I flow with grace in pure union as I awaken to the remembrance of the harmony that I AM.

I Am the Song that guides the Sea. 

O blessed Sea,

That I Am.




               The Rose of My Heart

The rose comes in the lateness of spring  -creeping into summers heat

And standing like beautiful towers of light in the richness of the seasons harvest.

If you can catch the rose in the cocoon, you will wait with her, as she slowly opens her petals.

 Full of fragrance and beauty,  Her birth comes suddenly; and, with the shortness of her life,

the soft petals fall away from the core  -One by One.

You are the Rose that gathers courage to finally open its petals to BLOSSOM fully;

 Ever-knowing , Beloved, that your petals are like swift kites in the sky, guided by the breath of the Wind.


In the garden of life,

I relish the wildness of each flowing grass,

each fallen leaf,

each naked limb of winters breath.

For even in the stillness of winter,  I have the remembrance of spring and of each season

-ready to POUR ITSELF OUT.


 I wait in the stillness for the rose of my heart to blossom; not with hurried anticipation; but, with a deep knowingness

Of the beauty, strength, tenderness and grace that is born in my season.



A Parable of Timelessness

I find myself breathing in the wafts of sea breeze while my nostrils take in the chill of the morning air.   As far as the eye can see,

The blue-green waters spread out like a blanket of forever.  I wonder to myself, how far these waters touch.  Where do they travel on

this day?  Vast shorelines strung together for endless miles, flowing into narrow streams, rivers and tributaries.  Yet, before me, the soft, white

smooth pebbles of sand and rock invite my attention.  I watch, as the waves carry foam and sea against the land with such force  -then gently

pulling away its power into itself. 

Waves moving into, flowing out in one motion like a song with great rhythm.  The heartbeat seeds its way into me; and, for this single moment,

I am the vastness of the sea and the single wave touching the sand. 

I am the wave.  I am the waters flowing into everything. 

I am the sea spray and the wind beating breaths of waves against the giant rocks

-  giving way to the power, carving into them a signature of time.

One pebble of sand is barely recognized once we pull it from the vast beaches.  Set apart, this small piece is vulnerable in the morning wind.

Where will the wind take it?  It moves out into the expansiveness of time.  Can we recognize one pebble from the others?  Under a microscope,

Perhaps, we would notice that each shape is unique and different.  Yet, the beach hold the millions of pebbles close together in unity.


The ocean waters flow to endless places; yet one tiny drop dissolves against the sun-baked rocks.

Is it gone forever?  No.  Only transformed    -taken back into the air, drank in by the stones, giving life to All.

 If time were the ocean, we would recognize the preciousness of the one drop of water.  Nothing is lost.  Time holds nothing and everything.

Time holds One Moment and Eternity.

Like the eternal flow of the tides, we are held in timelessness.


I reached down with my hand to scoop up the grains of timelessness.  If I am the one small pebble, I am also the rock.  If I am the One drop

Of water, I am also the vast reaches of the Ocean waters.  I am similar and unique.  I am large
and I am small.  I am vulnerable and I am Strong.  

I am all things in this moment that is endless and without end.



Allow yourself to unfold in the divinity of Grace



To Dance Upon the Earth

The Awakening

The West wind brings in the song of the dream.  The voice whispers quietly

at first, to awaken the deep wells of my Soul.  "Wake up!  Wake up; and

Remember you you are", came the strong Song dancing in my heart.

I began to tremble inside, like the rising of a new mountain within me.  My heart beat rapidly with every note of the song. 

I danced with the rhythm of the breeze flowing through me.  My body became lighter and lighter and I began to feel the brush of giant wings against my face.  Tears of awe were trickling from the corners of my eyes, for it felt like a blush of Golden Angel Light  -filling my heart like a rushing river.

I lay still in the aftermath of this whisper of my Soul's Song and deeply activated the vision of this beautiful 'dance of Wings'.  This precious seed of awakening, reminded me that my ancient soil ached to be renewed and reborn.

I Am the dream!

I am the Gardner that tills the soil of my evolution,

churning with infinite potential, the foundation of limitless creation.

There is a road, I have discovered, that emerges within our very Soul.

Unique and wondrous, this road has no reproductions.  It is ours alone to shape, carve, plow, smooth and create.

Like a circle of  Radiating Light, this road interconnects with every circle of life, Universes and Dimensions.

We are One in the essence of Love. We are all part of the sacred Circle of Life.

There are many voices; yet, there is but ONE SONG

blending with the Symphony of the Sacred Sound Stream.

Holy breath of Light.

Holy Heartbeat of All that Is.

May we Remember this exquisite Song that we are, and

Come to the river of endless flow

to dance upon the Earth...

To celebrate the gift of Heaven that lives within our Heart..


The Journey of Compassion

In the journey of compassion, we find the road that intersects our Divine Heart.

We find the seed of all remembrance for every road... for every experience to be felt, lived and BREATHED.

Compassion waits for us to spark the infinite breath of Love for All of Creation.


Welcoming Gratitude

Rich hues of orange-red radiates like a firefly dancing on the horizon's edge with such reverence. 

In this precious moment of the sleeping waves of sunset, I watch past the vast ocean stretching with endless boundaries.

The softness of the Sun allows me to linger in its solitude. 

I Am drinking in the beauty of this gift NOW. 

Gently, I breathe in the vibration of peace and infinite spirals of gratitude

As my heart center expands with ease.

In this vision, I am awakened ever deeper to the remembrance of the sanctity of All Creation. 

In this still dance of peace, all of Creation is swept into my beingness. 

I freely embrace this unity, for the song whispers lovingly to my soul.

"Remember", the voice shares with soft grace.  "Remember the Light of Oneness that you are". 

May we come to the altar of our Child heart.  In this breath of innocence, we will awaken ever greater to the knowledge of

the Infinite Holy.

We are birthed in the mystery of no beginning and no end. 

Every fiber of our being holds the ancient secrets of All time and space.


We are the gateway of the joyous dance of Heaven.

Within our center lies the jewel of light that connects us absolutely with the Universal Source.

O' how my heart intersects with such thanksgiving for this moment of unlimited potential. 

In the breath of Unity, I discover the reunion of the I AM.

There can be nothing hidden in this eternal light of Oneness.

In this moment, I remember that I AM the crystal prism in which All of Creation meets with Unified Harmony.




If I had the choice of barely loving

Without opening the petals of my Heart

To hold another in that bliss of love,

Or loving with the openness of a Wild Rose,

I would choose love.


For, in barely loving,

I cannot truly bloom;

Nor, can another.

Surely, I must be in the blush

Of springtime blossom

To really KNOW

That I have loved.





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