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Journey's of the Heart and Soul

Sacred Footsteps through Time

by Eloiwa





The Chapel of Roses:
Rossyln, Scotland

In the year, 2000, I had the opportunity to travel with a spiritual group to tour the sacred sites of Scotland. The elegant hillsides reached for endless miles, casting shadows of remembrance and awe for the ancient peoples that walked this land. I felt "home" to this distant country. The people embraced us openly with love and generosity. Ever so often, I could hear the faint rippling vibration of the bagpipes; their powerful breath touching the very core of my soul.

During the first stop of the tour, we visited the Rosslyn Chapel. As we were unloading from the bus, a blessed being said to me, " ELOIWA, aren’t you going to bring your Harp into the Chapel?"  I was so surprised with my immediate response, as "oh, absolutely" fell from my lips. Then my chattering mind began to resound:  " ..I haven’t tuned her. It’s so damp and cold. Will I be dishonoring the rules by bringing her here?"  Despite the clatter, we traveled together inside the beautiful holiness of this ancient mystery.

As I was gently playing the harp on the carpet of the main Chapel, a tour guide approached me with an invitation that would change my life forever. "Would you like to play your harp inside the Crypt?"  My heart burst open with gratitude and disbelief. Next, I was carrying my small Celtic harp to the soul of the Chapel. I laid down a blanket and knelt down with my harp to play. Looking up, I marveled at the stained glass carving above the altar of the Christ. I sensed that the vibration of this harp would awaken something so deep in this place. The Heart of Rosslyn called to me. I felt the love and light of the Angels gathering. In that welcome, I plucked one note. The resonance of that sound echoed so richly, I thought, "surely .. surely .. this vibration will break open the heart of this place". On this day, the songs that moved forth from the harp were like a breath of heaven. As an intuitive channel, this harp became a vessel of Divine love, pouring out to the ancients, to the very roots of creation. I played with frozen fingers in the dampness of the Crypt; and, she was perfectly "in tune". The magic of this experience opened my heart in infinite ways.

There was a moment, when my heart was bursting with the waves of infinite gratitude.  My harp was singing a song I had never heard before, nor ever since.  I felt like a sacred 'witness', simply observing my fingers gliding over the strings.  The vibration of pure awe inspired me to sing out loud.   Despite my awkwardness with singing, I began to chant 'alleluia' with a heart rich with humility and praise.  Sitting now, in the stillness of the crypt, I breathed deeply in the sacred wonder of this moment.

When I returned to the main Chapel, I was then surrounded with my group. Tears were flowing from their eyes; and, I got to see the softness and surrender in their presence. One after another, each divine soul shared their experience of "hearing the celestial voices". They described the voices as a "choir" that filled the Chapel and "all could hear". It was in this moment of pure humility that I knew something very profound had occurred at levels still untouched with my knowing.  In this moment, I surrendered at such a depth that I had never experienced before.  There was a divine purpose, I knew now, for my bringing me harp to Scotland.  The experience was birthed with a rare synchronicity of events - absolutely COSMIC!  I found myself in the 'heart of Rosslyn' on this day...to perhaps, insert a vibrational key into a lock of timeless mystery.

We are the divine heart and hands of God.  We are the sacred instruments of peace.  We are the Key-holders, igniting the divine flames of pure remembrance:  that we are Love embodied. 



The Ancient Ones: 
Healing the Heart



Everything in nature seems more vibrant in the tropics.  The rich, cobalt blue waters of the ocean, glistened with the sunrise. Greens were the deepest green and almost surreal. Every wild flower on the island filled my senses with exciting color and intoxicating aromas.  Each morning on the Big Island of Hawaii, I awoke to the song of the birds  -calling me up for JOY.  Their songs activated me in such a mystical way  -almost alluring me to a invitation of great adventure!

I came to this island for a healing retreat with a dear spirit sister, that guided us toward a sacred journey that would be forever etched in gold upon my heart!  In this journey, my heart was 'laid wide open' with the most profound vibration of awe.. of humility... of reverence .. of pure JOY and infinite love!  How, my heart soared beyond words to express, when I came upon my very first pod of wild Spinner Dolphins!

Suddenly .. in the glistening radiance of the sun rays in the water, the dolphins emerged all at once to greet our group.  I floated calmly atop the water .. watching .. just watching .. as these joyful beings frolicked all around us: diving deep, .. spinning.. swimming in tandem... thrusting their bodies through the water like a submarine and JUMPING high out of the water and SPINNING in sacred spirals.

I swam with my arms at my side, fully embracing the invitation from these sacred beings to be seen.  I watched, as the Mermaids and Mermen dove deep, plummeting at great depths right alongside the dolphins   -playing, .. communing.. being. Oh, how my heart LEAPT with joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I listened, as the dolphins 'squeaks and squalls'' and vibrations resonated in every cell of my being.

In my consciousness, I was sending them a hologram of light: holding such love and deep appreciation for their visitation.  Just in that precise moment, a dolphin began to swim toward me ... it was swimming up to my left side .. I noticed .. we were swimming in unison.  Just then, another dolphin came to my right side.  I looked over .. and they were looking directly into my eyes.  I looked to my right .. and our eyes locked ... I felt a vibration of love ..that goes beyond words .. a sense of unity  - that felt like being held in the dimensions of Oneness. The vibrations began to emerge a pattern of a figure 8: infinity patterns enfolding me.

We swam together .. for such a long time.  While, perhaps, only a moment in time  -expanded eternal.  My heart, so filled with amazement and JOY  -I thought my heart would burst WIDE open!!!

The journey with the Spinners lasted for many hours.  Then, in a 'blink' - the entire pod had disappeared.

I looked up out of the water, and realized how far I had traveled from shore!  I was definitely, in another dimension of time and space.

 I will Remember their eyes piercing into my soul with pure love.. pure compassion. Our heart connected in the One heart of all the cosmos. 

It seemed that their eyes were saying: " Remember that you are pure love embodied".

"Remember that you are pure JOY embodied".

"Remember, you are here to love, beyond all things".



For more information about Dolphin Journey's, Contact: Adventures in Paradise



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