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The Sacred Language of Light





The Language of Light is a transmission from the Realms of Heaven, from the Ancient Ones, the Angels and Masters from the Stars. Sweet and pure, it calls our sacred hearts to awaken. Vibrating with love, the Songs of Light are a gift of grace to free the soul".

Written by Tara Lightwalker, August 6, 2004




"The seeds of heaven were planted in the first breath of Creation. In this now moment, the journey of great awakening calls to our soul. With wings of immense joy, our blessed heart portal of infinite love opens like a golden gateway of magnificent remembrance.

With each breath, the beacon of Light within our hearts ignite and expand to fulfill our deepest yearning, the Sacred Union of Earth and Sky..

The Sacred Union of Love and Light.

In this gentle flow of union, our inner song resounds

as we dance together in the waves of ‘heavens breath’.

The Uni-Verse (the One Song) beckons our cellular memory of the signature of Light and Sound that we are. We are the sound of Infinite Love, pulsing with the origins of that ‘first breath of Creation’. That most primordial heartbeat of Love calls us home to the place of union with the Oneness of all that is. We are now stepping into a place of deep remembrance,

Where heaven meets in our heart.

In this sacred altar of our Being, may we call forth the ancient seeds of truth:

That we are the living Language of Light



Peace Prayer


In the Book of Knowledge, "The Keys of Enoch", the Living Language of Light is described as the fiery, divine language which organizes harmonic patterns that quicken and align our minds with the Universal God consciousness.  It refers to English as a "secondary language" that has lost touch with the original vibrational resonance still to be found in the root languages of Sanskrit, Egyptian, Tibetan, Chinese and Hebrew.  These languages form a grid connecting the Higher I AM consciousness of Light with the human I Am consciousness of Light through a cosmic light vibration...the languages will open channels of crystalline vibration within you so that your body can work directly with the Higher Intelligence".

The Keys of Enoch



      The Hathors

"May we come to a knowing together as a planet, that we are the vehicles of a most 'holy sound' that gently, but artfully, flow through the dimensions of all things'.



The Holy Breath of
Light Series

    Channeled by Brian deFlores

for Eloiwa DeFreitas, Jean Voice Dart, Matt Dart

The "Holy Breath of Light" Series is a series of NEW Accelerators, created by Bryan de Flores, Interdimensional artist, for opening the Inner Ears of Soul to Hearing the Divine Sound Current, the Breath of All Creation. 

In collaboration with Matt and Jean Dart, Certified Energetic Teachers, Registered Music Therapist, Founders of "Making Miracles Happen" and the Monterey Bay Holistic Center, come together in a shared vision in opening the portals of remembrance for All to step into the beauty of the Sacred Sound Stream.


"We are vibrating, shining being of Sound and Light who spend our lives searching

for that One Sound which flows as a Breath of Light from the Creator

and resonates with all of life.  When we fully resonate with ourselves and re-create our own

true and unique Sound, this is Love, and the first step toward ascension; that climatic moment in

the symphony of all Sound, when we are complete and whole and instantly

join in Divine harmonic resonance with Creator".  -Jean Dart


Golden Age Religion

Gifts of the Holy Breath of Light Series,

Written by: Jean Dart

The first accelerator open the heart and awakens the Inner Ears to hearing the Golden Wisdom of the Ascended Masters, Saints, Spiritual Guides, guardian angels and Wayshowers.  It is true religion in its purest form and highest Golden Dimension.  It represents all sacred pathways which lead to the state of ONE SOUND known in other religions as the Word, the OM, HU, AUM, AMEN, the Lost Chord, the Music of the Spheres, the Shabda, or the Bani.  It awakens us to the ancient wisdom of Sacred Geometry, the Golden Mean Ratio, the Wisdom of Sacred Sound, vibration and the frequency of Divine Love.   This accelerator will help us to discover the secret to the song pitches which were sung to bring down the walls of Jericho and the ancient mystery school teachings of the use of high frequency sound vibrations to build the Egyptian Pyramids.  It is the golden Sound vibration of Divine Love, the number 8 and the power of Infinity, Creation and Manifestation.


The Holy Breath of Creation

The second accelerator opens the heart to receiving God's love for us.  It is the vibration of pure and divine love.  It is the frequency out of which All Universes were created and brings with it the ancient knowledge of instant manifestation.  It is the Grand Symphony of Life which awakens the consciousness of giving and receiving at one time, the combining of the yin yang, the male/female as ONE.  It is the combined act of surrender, gratitude, detachments and intention in Co-creation with Source to bring forth what is in the highest and best good for all.  This accelerator opens the heart chakra.  The picture shows the golden tuning fork, the Divine Sound out of which all life is birthed.  This is the Holy Miracle of Life.  This accelerator awakens us to the frequency of Divine Creation and allows us to discover our own sacred Sound in resonance with the Divine One Sound of Creation.


Ascending from Light Into Sound

The third accelerator is the most powerful of the three.  It transforms the Light into Sound, gives us the ability to hear and interpret the Language of Light and awakens and reconnects us with our True Selves as Light Givers.  We raise the frequency of the Language of Light and ascend to a much higher vibration, and Golden Age Dimension.  We ascend to the Unspoken Word and Vibration of God.  We are transformed from our carbon-based bodies into brilliant Light bodies and evolved diamond-consciousness beings.  This accelerator brings us into resonance with the frequency and sound vibration of ascension, bringing Light into every facet of ourselves so that we both give and receive Light at one time.  We become just like the DIAMOND, breaking through all barriers of illusion in the lower dimensions and awakening to our true selves as teachers and Light givers


                 For Information about Ordering the Holy Breath of Light Series, email: MyHeartSounds@yahoo.com


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