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A Miracle of Divine Grace

 It is through rich awakening and discovery, that Eloiwa stepped into partnership with her heart and soul ministry of Sound Healing. In the spirit of absolute mystery of surrender, a blessed Celtic harp led the way to deep transformation and remembrance as she tapped into ancient cellular pathways of light and sound.  Through this partnership of discovery, Eloiwa recognized that she is a channel, herself a "hollow reed" for which waves of healing, awakening, comfort and peace are brought forth.

Eloiwa joyfully offers service in a ministry of Sound Healing.  Her unique gifts bring forth vibrations and frequencies to assist in the re-alignment with our Cosmic Meridian systems and in re-connecting with our Infinite Heart of Grace.  These vibrations clear old patterns of brokenness, cellular imprints, core beliefs and negative thought patterns that may limit our ability to expand our light quotient and Infinite Heart of grace.

Eloiwa's Discovery

Eloiwa didn't study at Julliard or any other traditional academy of Music.  She simply walked into a music store less than a decade ago, found herself immediately and inexplicably attracted to a harp, sat down at it and began to play.  What ensued can best be termed "an awakening".  This journey of awakening to sound as a vehicle for healing and transformation has been one rich with absolute awe and humility. 

The journey of the discovery of her "inner song" has carried her to share this sacred voice by the bedsides of the ill and dying, in community circles, gatherings and across the world  -to far away Scotland and Australia's Outback.


Gifts of Service

  • Certified Energetic Practitioner, Orion Technique & Quantum Level DNA Re-Patterning
  • Vibrational Healing Practitioner, offering a blending of multi-dimensional healing modalities:


Practical MasteryPractitioner, Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique, Level One Teacher, Level Two Master Practitioner
  • Integrated Energy TherapyÒ (IET), Healing Facilitator
  • Intuitive Sound Healing Practitioner, weaving a channel of the Sacred Language of Light, Intuitive Harp, Crystal Bowls, Native American Flute, Tuning forks and Peruvian Whistling Vessels
  • Trained Veritidas Labyrinth Facilitator
  • Founder of Heart Sounds, a Ministry of Love and Light Through Sound
  • Intuitive Channel of divine frequencies and inspirational CD's that assist in lifting our hearts to a place of divine Remembrance through the vibration of Infinite Love.  In the spirit and breath of the One Heart, Eloiwa offers Intuitive Soundings and individualized recordings for healing, awakening and activation.
  • Individualized "Soul Songs": Channeling the "Whispers of the Soul".
  • As a Spiritual Counselor , Eloiwa weaves her intuitive heart with nearly two decades of social work practice and individual/group counseling.  Eloiwa offers a circle of shared consciousness of peace-making and assists to awaken our hearts to the ancient gardens of our Soul.
  • Eloiwa is author of the Cd's "Heaven's Breath", "Sweet Serenity", "Heart of the Eternal Flame" an co-author of the release "Communion of Light" which was partnered with Stephen Pike


Testimonials Of Light and Sound

"In service to humanity at this time of awakening, Eloiwa has come to usher in the Age of Unity, where all hearts meet in the sacred bond of Oneness.  Traveling around the globe, in retreats, circles and gatherings, Eloiwa has touched the hearts of many, sharing freely her gift of divine love.  With the grace of an angel, she walks upon the earth, sending blessings of the heart to all who meet her and who hear her sacred song".  Tara Lightwalker, Sandpoint, Idaho

Eloiwa is truly and angel incarnate. Being in her presence one can experience the gift of true, pure, unconditional love. It is thru this most beloved master that I have truly been able to awaken my souls radiance. The Serenity Vibration Technique sessions have allowed many leaps in consciousness allowing me to more easily stay present in the here and now and allow pain that was so rooted into my DNA to be released with grace and ease. It is not only the technique that works but Eloiwa's most beautiful way of weaving it into all other aspects of her healing, allowing sound and words to come together in a seamless experience for which there are very few words just a feeling of deep peace and great love. I am eternally grateful for the experiences I have shared with this angel- from individual sessions to group meditations-any being who has the opportunity to "experience" and "be" with this radiant gift from GOD will experience growth so profound there really are very few words.

                                                             Sonya, Global Earth Angel

Donna was kind enough to give me a copy of your latest CD. I can only play it in my car and so I have been driving around listening to it. It is beautiful!!! I feel your heart touching mine every time I play it.  Thank you.  I just sat and cried, it was so moving to me.  You are truly a gift to this world.  Please know that it really does touch people/souls very deeply and adds to our healing.  Thank you for sharing this magic with me. I know our souls with touch each time I listen to it.

                                         Jean, in Spokane, Washington

As a Credentialed Music Teacher and Registered Music Therapist of over 27 years, I have personally witnessed the powerful and miraculous effects of Sound and Music on a myriad of human conditions including fine and gross motor coordination, neurological function, social and psychological trauma, and even the miraculous epiphany of spiritual enlightenment. I have seen comatose or catatonic individuals wake up to be reborn through the gentle nudgings of music, witnessed a autistic child communicating to others for the first time through his passion and at-one-ment with Sound, and seen Alzheimer's patients and elderly men and women who are experiencing the darkest most lonely depths of senility reconnect with the world through the dancing of their hearts as they commune with music. I have personally conducted Sound and Music workshops with Eloiwa DeFreitas as well as performed with her professionally and consider her to be a woman of incredible compassion, integrity and love who is blessed and gifted with an innate and intuitive talent for creating music which heals the heart and nurtures the Soul. Anyone who is able to experience her gift with Sound is indeed kissed by the holy breath of God.

Jean Voice Dart, MS, RMT

Author, Music Motor Assessment System

Host of Television Show, "Making Miracles Happen"



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