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Labyrinth Journeys

"The Labyrinth is a crucible for change, a field of Light, a Cosmic dance"

-Rev. Lauren Artress

The Labyrinth is an ancient pattern found in cultures around the world in many different forms. While the origins of the labyrinth are a mystery, evidence of these patterns date back thousands of years.

The Labyrinth is a spiritual tool that assists us in entering into a state of conscious presence, a place of stillness and surrender.  Unlike a Maze, which has many confusing paths designed to challenge our minds, the Labyrinth is One Path in and One Path out and facilitates a quieting within. We begin at the mouth of the circle at the outer edge & move in a very circuitous route to center, then wind our way back out along the same path.  As we enter into the sacred geometric template of the spiral, we are guided gently to the Center. By entering into the labyrinth, we are infinitely held in a womb of Sacred Space.

 The labyrinth creates an energetic connection,

 where Heaven and Earth meet within us.


Seven-circuit Labyrinth


Join Eloiwa for a full day experiential or a three-day transformational intensive, where we create the opportunity to explore our own inner landscape: Mind, Body and Soul.

The Path Leads Always to the Center

Eloiwa will custom-design a Labyrinth Journey to complement your personal and community vision and needs. The Labyrinth is an archetype of the beauty of the 'circle', where within, we recognize the unified field of love, the unity of all hearts and the stillness of our Soul.  The Labyrinth can be utilized as a tool for community-building, honoring sacred ritual, activating our quest for deepening our spirit, opening our hearts, activating the Song of our Soul, creating inner peace and awakening the intuitive within us.

Modern Labyrinths are emerging on the earth around the world. They are found in sites at varied medical centers, hospitals, churches, prisons, spas and memorial parks. They are open to all people as a non-denominational, cross-cultural tool of well-being.  The labyrinth is a gift of quieting the mind, finding balance, meditation, insight and celebration.


Kirk Van Allyn, Environmental Artist, Leucadia, California

A Sacred Meditation

Through a gift of divine synchronicity, I had the opportunity to meet Kirk in San Diego following a Women's Labyrinth Retreat Weekend.   I discovered through this meeting, that he utilizes the ocean beach as his sacred canvas to create various imprints of Sacred Geometry.  These huge and beloved forms of the Labyrinth, the Ohm and Flower of Life are created with an inward dance of sound and offered to all of humanity to discover. Kirk shared that  one of his greatest JOYS comes from the incredible delight of others when they come across these imprints during their beach meanderings.  For Kirk, the creation of these is a 'meditation'.  They emerge at low tide and are carried back by the sea.  The metaphor of 'impermanence' is a deep and abiding gift for my heart,  a reminder that  in creation, the greatest gift is that it is EXPERIENCED.

During this meeting with Kirk, I asked if he would be open to share how this inspiration was birthed for him. He shared, "I was moving on the beach one day, flowing and circling in the dance of music. To my surprise, I discovered that in my swirling, I had created interesting patterns in the sand.  The mathematical proportions began to just come through me".

I began to feel the emotions welling up in my heart, as I felt the reflection of pure love and purity in which he shared.  His greatest JOY, I envisioned from this sharing, was  the sacred offering  of this experience to humanity. 

To Kirk, I celebrate your dance of light, motion and sound.

Such gratitude for awakening our consciousness and our hearts!




For additional Information, visit Kirk Van Allyn's website



   "A crystal clear ocean breeze, the warmth of the sun, swirling sea gulls, glistening sand, the beauty of sacred geometry – the gift of a gentle man to all who came to walk or watch sharing the beauty and wonder of creation".

Written by: Debbie Hickson

Labyrinth Journey, New Year's Day, 2007,  Stone Steps Beach in Encinitas, CA.

A Sacred Invitation to view a beautiful composite of photographs of the Stone Step Labyrinth Journey on January 1st, 2007.  Special Thanks to Photographer, Debbie Hickson, for recognizing such a gift of beauty, inspiration offered by Environmental Artist, Kirk Van Allyn. To View a collection by Debbie Hickson:





Opening Pathways

For Peace

A Transformative Inner Pilgrimage of Light, Sound and Movement: Utilizing the Sacred Labyrinth as a tool for Quieting, Discovery and Transformation



11-Circuit Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral, France


 "The Labyrinth is a spiritual tool meant to awaken us to the deep rhythm that unites us to ourselves and to the Light that calls from within. In surrendering to the winding path, the soul finds healing and wholeness".

-"Walking a Sacred Path", Dr. Lauren Artress, Founder of Veriditas





Join Eloiwa for a full day experiential workshop, where we create the opportunity to explore our own inner landscape: Mind, Body and Soul.  This is a sacred invitation to experience a journey of discovery,  as we transverse the ancient pathways of the Labyrinth and allow the power of the circle to guide us to the center of our heart and soul.  On this winding path, the road leads always to the center  -where we can awake more fully to the whispers of the Divine.

The Labyrinth is a gift of quieting the mind, activating the song of our Soul, creating inner peace, awakening the intuitive and guiding us to a place of pure "presence".


As we embrace the place of stillness within, we bring to life the

innate PEACE that resides there.


Through the powerful gifts of sound vibration, toning, breath, silence, meditation, intuitive movement and sacred mudra, we can begin to experience how we are intricately connected to all of life.  In this sacred circle, we are all related.  Holy.  Whole.





     Workshop Registration

  Luncheon Included

    10:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m.


  • Explore together, tools for creating peace in our daily lives through: sound, vibration, breath, movement, silence, meditation, peace mudra & sacred ceremony.

  • Traverse the sacred mystery of the Labyrinth, while journeying to our Soul center to access our deepest inspiration, intuition and connection to the Divine.

  • Step into the remembrance of the circle of life, inviting our hearts to open to the vibration of pure JOY and Infinite Peace.

  • Re-awaken the Sacred in our ordinary lives.

  •  Come, be bathed in the divine frequencies of love through the gentle waves of intuitive harp, Native American flute and crystal singing bowls.

  • Join us in honoring the Divinity within ourselves and all of humanity  -through a ceremony of shared intention for Peace On Earth.




Eloiwa is a Veritidas-trained Labyrinth Facilitator, Sound Intuitive and Healing Facilitator, available for individual or group/community sessions to bring forth a communion of vibration that will assist in healing, awakening and opening our hearts to Divine Grace.

Through the offering of intuitive sound, ceremonial circles, workshops and transformational retreats, she weaves a dance of mystery as she holds a sacred space for personal transformation, discovery and the awakening of the inner song.

Eloiwa's vision is to bring forth a new song of remembrance and restoration, offering an 'anointing of light and sound' to facilitate the homecoming of inner peace.  Her ministry, is one of Peace-making, where she journeys with circles across the world to invoke together the remembrance of our innate healing gifts and our power to co-create a consciousness of Heaven  -within our Hearts.

Music and Sound is a language that moves beyond words and touches deep within the crevices of our cellular and energy blueprint.  With sound, we are often carried to a place that transcends the ordinary  -allowing us to experience an inner communion of Oneness: a place we know we are infinitely apart of All and Everything.


" Grace is a state of 'pure acceptance', where peace resides at the Heart of our consciousness.  In this sacred place within, all is divine. All is in perfection.

We are love embodied".




For Information About Eloiwa's Workshop Schedules and Location,




Mobile: 509.951.2310


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