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The Watering Hole Journey
A Labyrinth Retreat Weekend
To Facilitate a Transformational Inner Pilgrimage of Light, Sound, Movement & Meditation

March 24-25, 2007
Spring Equinox Celebration

N-SID-SEN Camp & Conference Center
on the beautiful shores of Lake Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

Cost: $155*
(Full Payment for the Watering Hole is $170)

(Includes Lunch & Dinner Meals Saturday, Sunday Breakfast &
Lunch Meals & Accommodations)
*Additional $15.00 for linens/towels

Vegetarian Options Available By Request


 "The Labyrinth bestowed upon us a Watering Hole for the human
Spirit, a deep channel for the human Soul"

-Rev. Lauren Artress


A two-day transformational reflective  journey, where we create together,  the 'sacred space' to explore our own inner landscape: Mind, Body and Soul.  This is an invitation to experience a journey of discovery, as we traverse the ancient pathways of the Labyrinth and allow the power of the circle to guide us to our inner center of Heart and Soul.  On this winding path, the road leads always to the center  -where we can awake more fully to the whispers to the Divine.

Step into a shared circle of stillness, where the activation of pure tones of the crystal bowls, ancient Peruvian Whistling Vessels, the gentle vibration of the Celtic harp and the soft lullaby of the Native American flute carry us to a place of inner discovery, awakening and peace.

In a weaving of shared heart-communion, vibration, silence, movement, ceremony, toning, inner discovery & mudra, we traverse the sacred mystery within us.  Our journey deepens through our walking meditation as we step into the remembrance of the circle of life: inclusive, connected, Whole, Holy.

Come join us in the nurturing energy of earth, water and stars, as we welcome the energy of the Spring Equinox to breathe forth the seeds of new beginnings in our hearts and our consciousness.

On the Watering Hole Journey, a sacred container is held for each participant to walk gently toward their own sacred Center, allowing the gifts of the Labyrinth and the sweetness of the earth to quiet, nurture and console.


Steps for the Journey 

· Introduction to the Labyrinth: Preparing for our Journey of ‘Entering into the Sacred’

· Two Guided Labyrinth Walks Utilizing the Chartres-Style Medieval Labyrinth

· Ceremonial Sound Circles: Toning, Crystal Bowl Meditation

· Peruvian Whistling Ceremony and Guided Sacred Mudras

· Fire Ceremony: Releasing the Old

· Drumming Circle

· Celebrating our Own True Essence through Silence, Reflection, Movement, Art, Journaling & Shared Being

You Are Invited to

Be bathed in the divine frequencies of love through the gentle waves of intuitive harp, Native American flute & crystal bowls. Step into the remembrance of the circle of life and invite your heart to open to the vibration of pure JOY & infinite peace.


 To Register: $75 deposit by March 18th, 2007

Contact: Eloiwa


 Four Full Scholarships are available to Eligible Participants

Link to Coeur d' Alene Visitors Guide:




A Journey of Remembering ..

we are the Bridge between

Heaven & Earth.

We are love embodied.


Join Eloiwa, a Veriditas-trained facilitator, Sound Intuitive and Healing facilitator, on this journey of discovery, awakening & being.



11-Circuit Medieval "Chartres-style' Labyrinth


The Watering Hole Journey is a time of connecting heart to heart, joining our True Heart with the heart of the Cosmos, the heart of the Earth and the heart of the ‘circle’ -where the Center point of Oneness resides.

The Watering Hole is a ministry devoted to the path of re-discovering the Sacred in our ordinary lives. The Labyrinth is a spiritual tool that assists us in connecting with the Divine within, quieting our minds, opening our hearts and re-awakening the infinite flow of peace at our Center. As we enter into the ancient blueprints of this sacred mystery of the Labyrinth, we are reminded of the infinite Circle of life, the unifying field of love and the communion of Earth and Heaven.                                     

Ceremonial Sound Circles & Gatherings
(coming soon)


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